If you have a small business website you almost certainly want to attract more customers. The most cost-effective way of attracting new customers is through Google organic search optimisation or pay per click marketing.

CamSEO are specialists in optimising websites to attract Google search traffic. As part of the search optimisation service we will review your websites usability and customer experience to ensure visitors become your customer.

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What we Offer

  • Website Audit
  • Competitive Review
  • Keyword Research
  • Design / Usability
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Conversion Optimisation

The Road to Success

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The SEO work on our website has greatly improved our Google rankings which has obviously also increased our enquiries. And now I am turning those enquiries into hard bookings. Thanks James.

David Smith at Casinoroadshow.co.uk

Local Businesses

local search map from GoogleBeing a local business offers a different SEO challenge to national or international businesses. Local SEO is getting harder and more competitive . Google are making it tougher to get in front of your local customers.

SEO Training

Understanding is key to a good working relationship with your SEO company and vital to the success of your website. To this end we are more than happy to provide training in SEO, you set the level, perhaps you would like to “SEO” your own site or simply want to be conversant on the subject so that you can have a good understanding of your SEO strategy and what it means to you and your business.

Pay per Click

  1. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter / Facebook Ads.
  2. Implementation – set up campaigns, ad groups, sitelinks, call out extensions, remarketing
  3. Management – make changes to increase ROI, keep costs within budgets set
  4. Pay per Click Training

Social Outreach

  1. Social Strategy
  2. Profile set up
  3. Social media training

What you will get...

  1. More Traffic
  2. More Leads
  3. More Business

Search Engine Optimisation

Following a structured approach to SEO works best, our tried and tested formula will ensure your website performs at its best in organic search.

Stage 1: The Website Audit

image of dice with SEOTo plan a route forward we need to understand where you have been, or rather where your website has been! The number one priority that needs checking before we move on are your technical SEO elements? Google, to make the search results better, have made many changes to their algorithm. This has left some businesses inadvertently falling foul and losing traffic or getting no traffic at all, we will check what effect, if any, this has had on you. Second, check if any bad links could be harming your rankings. Third, compliance with Google Panda, which includes over-optimisation, duplicate or thin content. Many website owners may not even be aware that they have fallen foul of these changes, we will double check. At this stage we’d want to make sure the best tools are in place to measure traffic, keywords and user actions.

Stage 2: The Competitive Analysis

Every business is unique. Any website on the first page of the search results for your products and / or services is a competitor. Who do you consider are your competitors? What or who are they targeting? How successful are they? What can we learn from them, make better or apply to your business?

Stage 3: The Keyword Research

We we will run a keyword analysis. We will assess and tell which keywords you should be targeting. This is not always the keyword with the most searches. You should target the keywords most likely to get you on page one of Google and the other search engines. Of course, in time, it may be appropriate to target more competitive keyphrases.

Stage 4: The On Page Optimisation

We will apply the keyword, competitor and user research to your website. Every key page should be unique and optimised.  These are important to users and Google. Headings and content needs to be appropriate for your users and for the search engines.

Content Marketing

Great content has always been King, well now it is the Royal Family! Content is the medium by which users and Google measure your websites worthiness. Unfortunately it is often the most difficult aspect for many businesses to overcome. Content is not just text. Image and video content are also important. We have many years experience in guiding and advising business owners in this regards.

Usability (UX)

There is nothing more depressing than sending lots of new traffic to a website that sucks for users! It is vital to ensure the “visitors journey” around your website is obvious and easy! A proper understanding of your target market is key to making your website a success.

Conversion Optimisation (CX)

Google logo ppc advertising

Are you wondering if your website could do more for you? A major part of enabling success is measuring how your website and its pages are performing. This includes measuring visits to key pages. Analysing “actions” e.g. contact forms completed. Understanding where your visitors come from and what were they looking at. This data is a marketers dream and will enable you to work up tactics to make the site convert even better. Every visit is an opportunity to make the next one more profitable.