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Help generate revenues for Google!

Uh oh – have you received an email from Google titled “An update for Google+ Page Owners and Managers”, so what does it mean.

As we understand Google would like to use your image and name in ads they show on their pages, see the examples above >>

If you run a business we are not certain there are any benefits, you can easliy remove permission by visiting this page >>

Update Oct 2015: rumours persist that Google plus is going away or rather being split up into its itinerant parts, which begs the question – is there any value in developing a Google page?


Is your website mobile compliant?

If you have a website then the chances are you will have visitors coming from a mobile device – either a phone or tablet.


Greater than 15 / 20% > mobile compliant website required

Some websites may only have a few percentage, others much higher 40 / 50 %. You should check your mobile visitor numbers on Google analytics or whatever stats package you use. Check the bounce rate for these visitors, compare it to your regular visitors – it will probably be higher? If more than 15% are from a mobile then you will benefit from a website design that works as it should on a mobile phone. Below are a couple of tools that will help determine how it looks (now) on various mobile devices and what changes are required for it to make your mobile visitors happy.

mobiletest-me - mobile compliant websiteSee how your website looks on mobiles – Iphone, Ipad, Google Nexus and others

  1. How does it look?
  2. Would you be happy arriving on this site?
  3. Can you see your “call to action” button / link?

w3-mobile-checker - check mobile complianceHave you got a mobile compliant website. Check your website here

Your result will be marked as a percentage – 0% being very bad and 100% perfect, whats yours? You will then have a breakdown ranked CRITICAL-SEVERE-MEDIUM-LOW

The Options

A separate mobile website – if you have an existing website then this my be the best option. With the right code added it will automatically detect mobile users and direct them to your newly designed mobile site – usually a single column with bigger buttons and smaller images.

The second option and the best option is to have a “responsive” design built – these websites automatically rearrange the screen resolution according to the device. This website is a responsive design – check it out!

Update May 2016: Google reveal they are ratcheting up mobile ranking signals. read more here –

Most items are fixable, either make the changes yourself or ask your designer to review. Alternatively call CamSEO on 01223654256 or use the contact form below to schedule a meet or call back.

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