PPC Marketing

Why do PPC Marketing?

image of ppc marketing related keywords related to ppcPaid search marketing is a guaranteed method of driving targeted traffic to your web pages. It can be a very cost effective way of marketing your brand, product or services, if done correctly.



  1. The return on investment is excellent.
  2. Your ad is only shown if the keyword or key phrase you specified is typed into the search box.
  3. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.
  4. You can specify where your ads can be shown – continent, country, even down to within 15 miles of your business address! You can turn it on or off when you want- i.e. 9am – 5pm Monday-Friday, weekends, bank holidays etc. You can even amend the amount you are prepared to pay at different times of the day!
  5. A very low initial investment.
  6. You can set your own daily, weekly or monthly budget.
  7. PPC creates a level playing field – no matter your size you CAN be on the front page of Google!
  8. You can reach 80% of the worlds internet users through the two primary search engines – Google and Yahoo.
  9. Its a great platform for testing and trying out new ideas, products or services quickly & reasonably cheaply.
  10. You can use PPC to create remarketing campaigns – enabling you to target just those people who have visited your website before.

We set up, manage and optimise Paid search campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We also set up social media ads on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you already have campaigns set up we will optimise them for you. We will check your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads to ensure you are receiving the best ROI and traffic for your business.

Whats First?

  1. We need to understand what your goals are before any paid marketing starts.
    • Brand Awareness
    • Generate leads
    • Sell products or services online
    • Generate new business
  2. We will discuss your budgets allied to your requirements stated above.
  3. We want to ensure you are on the best platform to meet your stated aims. That could be Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or A N Other?
  4. Our job will be to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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