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Can your business be found in the Google / Yahoo or Bing local search results for BSE?

Bury St Edmunds SEO - search results

A typical Google local search results page

With the principal search engines increasing the value and attention they give local and personalised search results its vital that businesses in Bury St Edmunds ensure they are optimised for local search. Small businesses across the UK have been reaping the benefits of gaining local search traffic for a few years now. You, your local customers & clients, suppliers and friends are all searching on-line for local businesses in and around BSE that can provide the products and services they need. Don’t be left behind, for a small investment in SEO you too can be pulling in some of this valuable local traffic.

Bury St Edmunds SEO – Local Services

What will we do?

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  • Local Listings – Google, Bing etc
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Citations*
  • Links
  • Reviews
  • Local Directories
  • Google + authority
  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • Linkedin pages
  • Other social
  • Mobile
  • Paid Search
  • Banner Ads
  • Video

* Citation = number of name, address, phone number (NAP) on 3rd party sites

Any SEO work needing to be done for your website can be accomplished in reasonably quick time. You can expect to notice an increase in local website traffic within a couple of weeks. However, this increase and the time it takes will be impacted by the quality of your website, how much local competition there is and the number of pages / keywords you wish to be optimised.

Use the Contact Us tab below or call on 01223654256 to discuss how CamSEO can help your website get noticed in and around Bury St Edmunds.