Social Media Services

Social media is a hassle! If you run a business day to day you probably don’t have the time to run a social campaign. So why is so important that your business maintains a presence and keeps active in the “social sphere”? Two very good reasons.

  1. It is highly likely that many of your customers and potential customers spend a good chunk of their time on social media platforms. For example;
    • Over 75% of users include social media in their buying decision.
    • Every week 49% of social media users share content with friends or family.
    • Not engaging with customers on social media can be harmful to your business.


  2. Sending positive social signals to the search engines helps improve your ranking.
    • It is believed that social signals make up around 10% of the Google search algorithm.

social media word cloudSocial media marketing is a hassle – it is difficult to understand what sort of objectives you should set and complex to accurately measure the return.

So what can expert social media services deliver to your social marketing efforts? There is no one size fits all – every business has a different focus, audience, budget and resources available.

A social media audit is the best place to start the discovery process.

Social Media Audit

  • Your profiles – do they look slick / professional / appropriate
  • Are the social platforms relevant?
  • What time / money / resources are you allocating?
  • How does your social stack up with your competitors?
  • Is your content a good mix of information, education, entertainment and sales?
  • Are you engaging?
  • Are people interacting, following, liking, sharing?

The starter assessment will assess your social profiles, design, set up, level of engagement, online content mix, social use and interaction. A brief report will be provided at this point with recommendations and suggestions enabling an immediate positive improvement in your social success.

The advanced assessment includes a comprehensive analysis of your companies social social strategy imagelandscape, a detailed competitive assessment and a full strategic plan. The strategy will include

  • how to set achievable goals
  • what you should expect by way of return.
  • how to create your own personalised plan.
  • how and where to find great ideas for social content,
  • how to turn those ideas into useful engaging content,
  • how to set-up and optimise paid social advertising – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • The best tools available to help with managing your social marketing,
  • how to use the available analysis tools to measure performance,
  • Customised recommendations and ideas for your business.

Once the audit and assessment is completed we are more than happy to continue our involvement. We can provide ongoing analysis and diagnosis via monthly reporting as well as ideas and recommendations that will enable you to maintain momentum.

Get in touch today to discuss how we could help you.